Big Nose Kate Born November 7, 1850

Mary Katherine Horony Cummings also known as “Big Nose Kate” a prostitute and longtime companion of Doc Holliday was born in Pest, Hungary on November 7, 1850.

Marshal Fred White Shot By Curly Bill October 28, 1880

Marshal Fred White Grave

On the night of October 28, 1880, Curly Bill Brocius along with a few other liquored up cowboys started firing their six-shooters in the air at the moon and stars. Town Marshal Fred White, who was nearby heard the shootings and went to investigate.  He saw that the shoots were coming from cowboys near the corner of Allen and Sixth Street in a vacant lot (Where the Birdcage Theater was erected in 1881 and still stands today). When Marshal White confronted the cowboys, he let them know they were in violation of a town ordinance

Shootout at the OK Corral October 26, 1881


Tensions were high between the Earp’s and the Cowboys. The gunfight lasted about 30 seconds and became the most famous gunfight in US History.

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