John Henry “Doc” Holliday Born August 14, 1851

On August 14, 1851 John Henry Holliday was born to parents Henry Burroughs and Alice Jane Holliday.



Jack McCall Insulted By “Wild Bill” August 1, 1976

Jack McCall

On the night of August 1, 1876 “Wild Bill” Hickok was playing poker at the Nuttall and Mann’s No.10 Saloon. Jack McCall also known as “Crooked Nose Jack” was drinking waiting for a spot so he can join the game. One of the players decided that they had enough and dropped out. McCall, who was already drunk, took the open seat. McCall went on a losing streak and before he knew it, had no more money to play with. Hickok gave him some money so he could get something to eat and advised him not play again until he could cover his losses. Although McCall took the money, he was insulted.

Virgil Walter Earp Born July 18, 1843

Virgil Walter Earp

On July 18, 1843 Virgil Walter Earp the older brother Wyatt Earp was born in Hartford, Kentucky.

“Billy The Kid” Buried July 15, 1881

Billy The Kid Grave Fort Sumner

William H. Bonney was buried at the old Fort Sumner Cemetery next to his friends Tom O’Folliard and Charlie Bowdre. A wooden marker was placed on his grave and it simply read “Billy The Kid.” Due to the Pecos River flood of 1889, the old wooden marker was washed away or may have been stolen prior. The citizens of Lincoln County would eventually raise enough money to replace the wooden marker in 1932.


Billy The Kid Grave Fort Sumner

  Billy The Kid Grave Fort Sumner

“Billy The Kid” Dead! July 14, 1881

Billy the Kid's Tintype

After “Billy The Kid’s” escape from jail on April 28 1881, Gov. Lew Wallace re-issued a reward for his capture. Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett who had once captured Billy was set on

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“Buckskin” Frank Leslie Murders a Prostitute July 10, 1889

Buckskin Frank Leslie

On the night of July 10, 1889 Frank Leslie kills a prostitute named Mollie Williams also known at the Bird Cage Theater as “Blond Mollie”. After Leslie and his wife of seven years

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Celia Ann “Mattie” Blaylock Commits Suicide July 3, 1888

Celia Ann Mattie Blaylock

On July 3, 1888 Mattie Blaylock Wyatt Earp’s second wife dies for a lethal dose of laudanum. The coroner ruled it a suicide. Working as a prostitute in Dodge City she became the common-law wife of Wyatt Earp. She traveled with Wyatt to Tombstone and would remain there until the murder of Morgan Earp and the assassination attempt on Vergil Earp by the Cowboys. Wyatt Earp would send the remaining family to Colton California where his parents lived for their safety. Once the family was put on the train, Wyatt Earp went on the famous Vendetta Ride to hunt down the killers of his younger brother Morgan. After the Vendetta Ride, Wyatt would not return to Mattie. He would go on to continue a relationship with  Josephine “Sadie” Marcus who would become Wyatt’s third wife. Mattie left Colton for Pinal City, Arizona territory where she work as a prostitute again until she died.





“Wild Bill” Hickok Born May 27, 1837

“Wild Bill” Hickok

James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok was born May 27, 1837 in Troy Grove, Illinois.

Fire In Tombstone! May 25, 1882

Tombstone Fire Of 1882

On May 25, 1882 a 2nd major fire ripped through Tombstone. The spark started in the back of Tivoli Saloon in a water closet. This artical was published on May 26, 1882 in the Los Angeles Herald. It was sent to the Herald by the Western Union Telegraph.


Los Angeles Herald, Filre 26 May 1882

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