Shootout at the OK Corral October 26, 1881


Tensions were high between the Earp’s and the Cowboys. The gunfight lasted about 30 seconds and became the most famous gunfight in US History.

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Doc Holliday and Milt Joyce Incident October 11, 1880

Doc Holliday

On October 11, 1880, Doc Holliday had gotten in a confrontation with a man and fellow gambler named Jonny Tyler in the Oriental Saloon. The confrontation started to get out of control when mutual friends in the saloon disarmed and separated them. Johnny Tyler left the saloon and Doc who

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Sandy Bob Stage Line Robbed October 8, 1881

Tombstone to Contention Map 1887

October 8, 1881, the “Sandy Bob” stage line between Tombstone and Bisbee was robbed near Contention City. Frank Stilwell and Pete Spence were suspects. This escaladed the tension between the Cowboys and Earp’s.

Black Bart Strickes For the Second Day In A Row! October 3, 1878

Black Bart

Black Bart would pull off another Wells Fargo stagecoach robbery for the second day in a row in Mendocino County just ten miles from Potter Valley.

Black Bart holds Up Wells Fargo Stagecoach! October 2, 1878

Black Bart

On October 2, 1878 Black Bart holds up a Wells Fargo stagecoach in Mendocino County, twelve miles from Ukiah. He would go on to pull off another robbery the next day.

Billy The Kid Arrested For The First Time September 23, 1875

Billy the Kid's Tintype

As a joke, a friend of Billy’s had stolen a bag of laundry from a Chinese laundryman and  asked him to hide it. When the young Billy was caught with the bag by the local police before he could hide it they arrested him. A couple of days later he escaped from jail and the legend of Billy The Kid would start.

Younger Brothers Captured And Charlie Pitts Killed! September 21, 1876

James - Younger Gang

A couple of weeks after the botched Northfiled Bank robbery, Frank and Jesse James got separated from the Younger brothers. A posse on the trail of the Younger brothers with gang member Charlie Pitts, caught up with them and had them pinned in Hanska Slough. It was a posse of seven men and they had them surrounded. The Younger brothers would make a stand. Charlie Pitts was shot in the heart. Jim Younger who was firing at the posse was shot through the mouth and was knocked unconscious. Cole Younger rose from his cover with guns firing to try to make a run for it, a bullet had ricocheted off his skull by his right eye. Bob Younger was already wounded with a shattered right elbow from the bank robbery stand-off with the town, was firing at the posse untill he was literally the last man standing. He then dropped his gun and surrendered.

The Wild Bunch Hit The First National Bank September 19, 1900

Wild Bunch

Butch Cassidy’s The Wild Bunch, robbed the First National Bank in Winnemucca, Nevada making off with $32,640.  The gang celebrated the success of the robbery in Fort Worth by posing for the famous photograph of the five robbers. Cassidy, Sundance, Bill Carver, Harvey Logan, and Ben Kilpatrick in suits. The Pinkerton Detective Agency would use the photograph in their wanted poster.

Sam Bass Robs The Union Pacific On September 18, 1877

Sam Bass

Bass and fellow outlaw Joel Collins recruited several hard characters to rob stagecoaches. On stolen horses they held up seven coaches without recouping their fortunes. Next, in search of bigger loot, a band of six, led by Collins and including Bass, rode south to Big Springs, Nebraska, where, in the evening of September 18, they held up an eastbound Union Pacific passenger train. They took $60,000 in newly minted twenty-dollar gold pieces from the express car and $1,300 plus four gold watches from the passengers. After dividing the loot the bandits decided to go in pairs in different directions. Within a few weeks Collins and two others were killed while resisting arrest. But Bass, disguised as a farmer, made it back to Texas, where he formed a new outlaw band.

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