Black Bart Robs Stagecoach September 17, 1882

Black Bart

On September 17, 1882, Black Bart robs the Wells Fargo & Co’s Express in Shasta County the stage from Yreka to Redding.

Bob Younger Dies In Prison September 16, 1889

Bob Younger

Bob Younger was a member of the James-Younger gang that included Frank and Jesse James. The other members were Bob’s older brothers Cole and Jim Younger, Clell Miller, Arthur McCoy, Charlie Pitts, John Jarrette, Mathew “Ace” Nelson.  For ten years the gang would rob banks, trains, and stagecoaches in Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and West Virginia. The gang would attempt to rob The First National Bank in Northfield, Minnesota on September 7, 1876. The citizens of Northfield armed themselves and would defend their bank. Bob Younger was shot in the right elbow and two other members were shot dead.  All three Younger brothers would be wounded and captured in the shootout a couple weeks later with a posse. Frank and Jesse James escaped and were seprated from the gang durring the faild raid. Bob Younger was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died of tuberculosis in prison at Stillwater, Minnesota. He was 35 years old.  He was buried in Lee’s Summit Historical Cemetery.

Doc Holliday’s Frock Coat Sold for $55,000

Doc Holliday Frock Coat

The Harrisburg Wild West Artifacts Auction this past July, had a frock coat owned by Doc Holliday that sold for $55,000.  The coat is in a display box with a letter from the Arizona Pioneers Home. Apparently Mary K. Cummings better know as “Big Nose Kate” the long time girlfriend to Doc Holliday, kept the coat. Cummings in her older years would end up in the Arizona Pioneers Home. It was a home for the elderly and she passed away 6 months after she moved in. She had wanted to leave the coat to a person named Mr. C. J. Danner who lived in Colorado Springs. A letter was written to Mr. Danner by a staff assistant Gladys Beamon informing him that Cummings had passed and she wanted to leave him the coat. She had also mentioned that the coat was favored by Doc Holliday and worn during the famous gunfight at the OK Correll. Below is the letter…..

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Geronimo Surrenders September 4, 1886


On September 4, 1886, the great Indian warrior Geronimo surrenders to General Nelson Appleton Miles.




True West Magazine Top Ten Historic Western Towns of 2014

Dodge City 1874

1. Dodge City, Kansas

2. Durango, Colorado

3. Dayton, Washington

4. Buffalo, Wyoming

5. Fort Smith, Arkansas

6. Lubbock, Texas

7. The Dalles, Oregon

8. Lincoln, New Mexico

9. Tombstone, Arizona

10. Lewiston, Idaho



Pioneer Saloon

Pioneer Saloon

This past Saturday, the show called “Ghost Adventures” did a paranormal  investigation at the famous Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV.  The saloon was built in 1913 by a business man named George Fayle. The tin stamped walls hold a lot of history. Many prospectors and miners would frequent the saloon during mining days of Goodsprings.  A couple of interesting stories come from the saloon.

On July 3, 1915, a known card cheat by the name of Paul Coski had gotten into an argument after being caught cheating in a card game by a man named Joe Armstrong. Paul Coski was shot several times and a couple of the bullets went threw his body into the tin stamped wall. The bullet holes are still there to this day. A copy of the coroners report of the incident hangs on the wall.

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