John Wesley Hardin Arrested August 23, 1877

August 23, 1877 John Wesley Hardin was arrested on a Florida train by Texas Ranger John Armstrong. Three years prior, Hardin had killed Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb in a small town near Austin, Texas. Up to that point it was estimated that Hardin had already killed over 27 men. Hardin had taken an alias and been on the run going back and forth between Alabama and Florida. The determined Texas Rangers found out his general location. Armstrong was sent to Florida and on a tip spotted Hardin in the smoking car of the train that had stopped in at a Pensacola station. Armstrong and local authorities rushed the train from both sides with their guns drawn. Hardin whose natural instinct was to go for his weapon, got caught up in his suspenders and Armstrong used is .45 caliber pistol to hit Hardin over the head to disable him.  Hardin would be sent back to Texas to stand on trial for murder. He was found guilty of killing Sheriff Webb and sentence to life in prison. He served 15 years when he was pardoned by the Governor. During his stay in prison he studied law. Once pardoned he took the Texas state bar exam and passed.

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