Younger Brothers Captured And Charlie Pitts Killed! September 21, 1876

A couple of weeks after the botched Northfiled Bank robbery, Frank and Jesse James got separated from the Younger brothers. A posse on the trail of the Younger brothers with gang member Charlie Pitts, caught up with them and had them pinned in Hanska Slough. It was a posse of seven men and they had them surrounded. The Younger brothers would make a stand. Charlie Pitts was shot in the heart. Jim Younger who was firing at the posse was shot through the mouth and was knocked unconscious. Cole Younger rose from his cover with guns firing to try to make a run for it, a bullet had ricocheted off his skull by his right eye. Bob Younger was already wounded with a shattered right elbow from the bank robbery stand-off with the town, was firing at the posse untill he was literally the last man standing. He then dropped his gun and surrendered.

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